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A cup of organic coffee surrounded by coffee beans, showcasing the vibrant coffee culture in London. Image: "organic-coffee-in-london."
A cup of organic coffee surrounded by coffee beans, showcasing the vibrant coffee culture in London. Image: "organic-coffee-in-london."
Your Best Organic Cafe in London

Enjoy our organic food and drinks in our charming venue. Experience a safe and quality atmosphere.

Discover The Delights With Menu - Organic & Healthy Eats

Explore our enticing menu of organic and healthy eats, brimming with delicious delights to satisfy your cravings and nourish your body.

The Magic of Our Organic Drinks and The Beauty of Our Delicious Plates

Savor the finest organic coffee in London at Avocado and Coffee. Enjoy coffee with organic flavors and taste that will remain on your palate.

Organic Coffee and Chocolate

Indulge in the rich harmony of flavors with our organic coffee and chocolate, a delightful blend of earthy aromas and decadent sweetness.

Savor a delectable organic plate in London. Experience freshness and sustainability in every bite, dozens of flavors for you to discover are here.

Organic Plate and Delicious Meals

Savor the goodness of organic ingredients in every bite with our delicious meals served on an organic plate, crafted to nourish body and soul.

Discover refreshing organic drinks in London. Whether you quench your thirst with our cold drinks or feel the intimacy with our hot drinks.

Feel Refreshed with Organic Drinks

Quench your thirst and invigorate your senses with our refreshing selection of organic drinks, crafted to revitalize your body and mind naturally.

Treat yourself to a mouth-watering organic burger in London. It is waiting for you in its juicy, sustainable and flavorful form.

Organic and Healthy Burgers

Experience guilt-free indulgence with our organic and healthy burgers, crafted with wholesome ingredients for a delicious and nourishing meal.


    Please Choose Branch(Note: Playground is available only in Greenwich Branch)

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    Walk-in Free Playroom in Greenwich for Your Children

    Open hours

    We can’t wait to host you in our Organic Cafe

    • Mon-Fri: 7 AM – 6 PM
    • Saturday: 7 AM – 6 PM
    • Sunday: 8 AM – 5 PM
    Explore a vibrant kids playroom in London at Avocado and Coffee. Safe, engaging, and full of fun for young adventurers.

    To make a reservation for our free playground where your child can play freely.

    Happy Costumer Reviews from Google

    Good size coffee shop, loads of space to either sit away on your laptop or have something to eat.

    Can get busy at times.

    Staff are mostly friendly, willing to have a chat or give menu advice.

    They also have a few tables outside

    J. P.


    Had a brilliant breakfast here. Their food is delicious and healthy. They have a very broad menu and staff were really great. Food came really quick and the whole place has a really nice atmosph.

    Vegetarian options: Lots of healthy vegan and vegetarian options.

    For Kids: They have a great kids menu and Kids Playground

    A. D.


    Went in for Sunday breakfast and was very pleased. We had a chicken burger and the salmon and scrambled eggs. Both were very delicious.
    Was close to full but did not feel too busy. Lots of families dining with small children and babies. Looked like there was lots of space to park a pram.
    Coffee and fresh juice were both excellent.
    Hopefully we will go again soon

    I. J. S.


    Avocado and coffee has honestly left a mark on me. Each and every time i go the welcoming atmosphere and the delicious food brings me back. All workers are extremely attentive and always so welcoming, the attention to detail amazes me. The beautiful decor is always a plus!! Has defined become mine and my friends regular spot!

    For Kids: They have a soft play area downstairs for the kids to go have fun whilst your enjoying your food and drinks! Perfect place for families

    D. T.


    Great fresh quality food. Large plates.
    Friendly staff. We come here often and definitely recommend it.

    K. Y.


    I’m a regular morning customer
    Everything is very cool at this place , especially their coffee !
    The staff named Hilal is very tasty to make coffee, and communicates with customers politely, she always has a smile on his face that lifts the mood in the morning.
    Thanks Avocado & Coffee!!!

    D. X.

    A lovely cafe with good food options. Some options are better than the other so I tend to order my regular food. Staff are nice and there is a downstairs kids playroom which is really helpful when taking the kids there. Like there cakes options as well specially mosaic cake

    L. S.

    The best breakfast I’ve had in a long time. Fresh ingredients, great coffee and service! Went back 2 days in a row.



    Amazing staff, decent prices amazing service, pet friendly! Also had a little tour of the kids 0-5 play area which is very hygienic! Do recommend to everyone

    C. D. I.


    Nice atmosphere and a lovely spot for brunch. Has modern, edgy decor indoors. The oat milk latte and the brunch was delicious. They have a wide range of food options including pasta , burgers , brunch food , breakfast food , pancakes. Mixed crowd with young couples and parents with kids. There’s a kids play area downstairs by the looks of it .

    Z. J.


    Food and service are great, you can also charge your phone in the restaurant which is very helpful on a day out to Greenwich, as we were. The natural juice is yummy and generally, the place was a great discovery.

    Thr Greek salad is ok to share and we had the grilled salmon which comes with chips and vegetables on the side plus humus and tortilla crisps. Portions are big so it was no space in our tummy for desert, coffee delicious. Definitely recommended.

    M. S.


    We celebrated our kids birthday here and we loved it!staff are so welcoming ,friendly and so helpful! Food was perfect and the atmosphere was amazing, kids and parents loved it! We’re highly satisfied
    Thank you

    I. L.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    At our organic cafe in London, we embrace a holistic approach to sustainability, wellness, and community. Our ethos is grounded in a deep respect for the environment, a commitment to sourcing the finest organic ingredients, and a passion for creating culinary experiences that nourish both body and soul. Every aspect of our cafe, from the menu offerings to the interior design, reflects our dedication to fostering a space where mindful eating, conscious living, and genuine connections thrive.

    London’s organic food scene stands out for its diverse range of high-quality produce sourced from local farms and markets, ensuring freshness and sustainability. From crisp, seasonal vegetables to artisanal cheeses and ethically raised meats, London’s organic offerings tantalize the palate while honoring the Earth.

    Absolutely! Our vegan menu features a variety of delicious dishes, including plant-based burgers, tofu stir-fries, and creamy vegan desserts, all made with fresh, organic ingredients.

    Our commitment to offering organic food in London stems from our belief in supporting local farmers and producers while providing customers with healthy and environmentally friendly dining options.

    Our food presentations and the importance we gave is crafted with care and creativity, using innovative flavor combinations and premium organic ingredients to create dishes that satisfy both vegans and non-vegans alike.

    Absolutely, we prioritize catering to the vegetarian community by offering a diverse range of delicious and satisfying vegetarian dishes on our menu. We understand the importance of providing options that cater to different dietary preferences and lifestyles. Our commitment extends beyond just offering vegetarian options; we strive to create innovative and flavorful dishes that everyone can enjoy. Your satisfaction and enjoyment are important to us, and we’re always here to ensure you have a fulfilling dining experience.

    In London, our dedication to vegan and vegetarian cuisine goes beyond mere menu offerings—it’s a culinary ethos built on creativity and inclusiveness. Whether you’re a committed herbivore or just craving a plant-based culinary experience, our wide array of vegetarian dishes guarantees a delightful, unexpected, and nourishing gastronomic voyage.

    We source our organic ingredients from local farms and suppliers in and around London, ensuring that our food is fresh, seasonal, and sustainably sourced whenever possible.

    The decision to incorporate a playroom into our establishment was rooted in our unwavering commitment to fostering a warm and inclusive atmosphere for families. Recognizing the importance of creating a space where both parents and children can feel comfortable and relaxed, we embarked on a journey to reimagine dining experiences. The playroom emerged as a natural extension of this vision—a haven where children can explore, imagine, and create, while parents indulge in culinary delights.

    We have strict protocols in place to maintain the cleanliness and safety of our playroom in London, including regular cleaning and sanitization, as well as supervision by trained staff members.

    Contact Us